Snake River

A Full Immersion Film

Directed by Emiliano Ruprah




Washington DC, USA, November 3, 2014, Snake River, the world's first virtual reality movie, goes live on the web with a free download of the trailer and campaign.


Snake River is the world's first full immersion fiction film. It is the first step towards next generation cinema, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in a 360 degree environment filmed with a special camera system. It was conceived and created by Emiliano Ruprah, a graduate film student at American University, while researching ways to apply the advent of Virtual reality gaming like the Oculus Rift to cinema.


Shot with 12 camera's aligned in spherical format on a 3d printed rig, each shot was stitched to form a 360 degree image, much like in panoramic photography. Each of the 12 cameras shot in 2k. The final result is then transferred to a viewing device which allows for head tracking and exploration. By hiding microphones on the set and integrating set design with natural light, every scene was designed as a complete 360 degree environment.


The movie tells the story of five mercenaries- codenamed Picasso, Mozart, Banksey, Beethoven and El Greco- who are hired by a mysterious agency to retrieve a stolen biological weapon. After being captured by a violent Russian mobster, they must piece together what went wrong, and who, if anyone, is telling the truth.


This unique film allows viewers to explore different environments and make the choice on what to focus on in the film. As the different characters move around the virtual environment you call follow them individually. In other words, it is a film which will never be watched the same way twice.