My introduction to VR/full immersion spherical technology came about when I began researching the subject matter while finishing my thesis at American University. The more I researched the possibilities, the more it seemed possible. I knew that the technology was being used for video games and that it was only a matter of time before it would be used for film. So I began researching into the phenomenon and looked for sources in Washington, DC that might be working on this technology. I learned that GXM was involved in technology solutions involving spherical imaging and were interested in showcasing some of the possibilities this technology had to offer. We spoke about the possibility of working on something together: the idea of using a film instead of standard images was discussed as a good avenue to experiment with the possibilities and to get people excited about the technology. Their technologists would consult me on the use of next generation spherical technology while I produced an exciting narrative to showcase it with. The leadership at GXM were interested in funding the venture, having the foresight and courage to experiment with the potential of this future technology. Our result is the world’s first fully immersive, 360 degree spherical narrative film: Snake River.

Emiliano Ruprah (Writer/Director)

Is an independent writer and director based out of Washington DC. He is co-owner of Capital Hustle, an innovative guerrilla marketing firm specializing in content for underrepresented demographics.


Directing the 360 Degree Film

While finishing my thesis at American University, I began to research the possibilities of VR in film and video. When I saw it was possible to make an indie short form film in this format, I jumped at the opportunity.  While the technological leap was enough of a challenge, the most interesting aspect of the film was designing a screenplay, a series of sets and scenes that would lend themselves to a fully immersive spherical environment. Directing the actors through these spaces was my ultimate tool in trying to direct the audience through the story. Because of many insurmountable challenges, the film ended up being very different from what was on the page. 360 Degree sound will be the solution to much of the anxiety surrounding direction of the audience, and scenes that direct space smartly will ultimately make the most functional films in this format. I am excited to see what the future holds.

About GXM

GXM is an innovative technology solutions company.   The company delivers creative technical solutions that transform organizational operations by focusing on developing low-cost, high-value, technical capabilities.  GXM has been researching, developing and fielding leading-edge technology solutions since its inception.  As part of the company’s work with spherical immersion technology, we wanted to try to produce content that would allow individuals to experience a setting, a viewpoint, a scenario beyond traditional virtual reality computer gaming concepts.  With this concept in mind we were able to partner with Director Emiliano Ruprah and others to produce the first ever full immersion short film.  We wanted to create something that would open the consumer mind about how someone could engage with and enjoy other content such as film and real life environments.  We hope this film opens your mind just a small bit towards the innovative technology opportunities that exist today.